Restaurants In The Area Of Fort Washington MD You Might Want To Try

Fort Washington MD is a cute little CDP. You’re going to love traveling the area, including the nation’s capital nearby. There is also National Harbor, and well, it’s time to have some fun. There are some interesting attractions in Fort Washington alone, and the same goes for restaurants. The following are four area restaurants that are good to pick from if you want to enjoy a nice experience dining out.

The first place we’re going to take a look at is a steakhouse in National Harbor. Now of course National Harbor isn’t part of Fort Washington, but it’s right there close to you. You’re not going to have any problem making it by Old Hickory Steakhouse Restaurant, which is located at 201 Waterfront Street. The flat iron steak is a favorite of many, as is the NY Strip and the lobster bisque. Plenty of people say this is a lovely restaurant.

Succotash is another restaurant in National Harbor, and it is also located on Waterfront Street. Fried green tomatoes make the menu favorites, and so do the smoked wings and sticky buns. I don’t know about you, but all three of those sound so delicious. I’m craving some sticky buns right now. Catfish and hummingbird cake are two more menu items that people rave about at Succotash.

Fort Washington MD has a great barbecue restaurant. Have you ever tried barbecue in Maryland before? If you’re a barbecue connoisseur, you know you’re going to like this place. Smokeshack Ribs Restaurant is the name of the establishment, and the chicken and beef ribs combo is a popular choice.

Alexandria features plenty of great restaurants, too, and some of them are nearby. Le Refuge Restaurant is located at 127 North Washington Street. Salmon en croute, pepper steak and beef wellington are some menu items that are popular there. They also serve up frog legs if that’s of interest to you. The menu is rather unique at Le Refuge Restaurant.

Southside 815 is another Alexandria Restaurant that might be of interest to you as well. You’ll find all kinds of cool places to stop by as you travel around this part of Maryland and also into DC. You will have to pick one of the unique places to eat that you find appealing and perhaps order up something you’ve never tried. I’m not sure that I would suggest the frog legs, but you get the idea.